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Meredith Labs
1600 Hampton St Suite 702
Columbia, SC 29208


1600 Hampton St.

Suite 702

Columbia, SC 29208

At the corner of Pickens and Hampton, on the 7th floor!

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Carolina Callers has secured its reputation as THE place to work!


Carolina Callers are students from nearly every college and school on the Columbia campus. Truly the voices of the University of South Carolina, our student callers speak with approximately 100,000 alumni and friends via our state-of-the-art call center every year. The students call on behalf of the Carolina Fund, schools/colleges, Parents Annual Fund, and the University’s four regional and three senior campuses.The Carolina Fund benefits students and programs, making amenities such as scholarships, the finest computer equipment and study abroad opportunities possible.


There are many benefits for being a Carolina Caller:

             Great Pay – You can make up to $8.25/hr with your bonuses! Starting pay is $7.50/hr. You get an attendance bonus just for coming to work!

             Resume Building – This position is great for building real-world work experience. The skills you will build will translate well into many career fields, including communication, business, marketing, public relations, and non-profit management. There are also opportunities for promotion.

           Very Flexible Schedule – You set your own schedule and we can work around personal and academic scheduling. Shift starts at 6:00 p.m. so you don’t have to worry about class schedules.

          Tuition Reimbursement – We offer up to $400 per semester to help pay for tuition, books, and housing. A minimum number of hours is required each week to get this benefit.

         Only 3 Shifts Required – You pick which three shifts best fit your schedule and then you work those same three days through the semester; no worrying about what days you're scheduled to work!

         Nightly Games Played – We play games and offer prizes to keep the atmosphere fun and productive.


We take pride in the difference we're making at the University of South Carolina!


Applications are currently being accepted for these select positions!

Interviews & training classes are now being scheduled!







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